(Riders assume assume all risk)

Group Rides are organized rides of varying lengths and speeds with an experienced leader. The details of the rides are kept up to date on Facebook and our calendar. Please also review the Treasure Coast Cycling Association's ride etiquette here.

We welcome volunteer group leaders for a regularly scheduled weekly ride or just a one time ride. If you would like to lead or schedule a ride please contact us here:

Ride Definitions A Pace (competitive)...
is for the competitive cyclist in a training race-like environment looking for the challenge to ride at the upper end of their abilities within a group that will push the pace; however, our group rides are not races. This is DROP ride. (A average pace >23+ mph).

B+ Pace (spirited/enthusiast)...
is for the cyclist who enjoys riding at an average lively pace, likes a challenge but is not interested in race-like training conditions where the pace is challenged by different paces or top-end speeds. Not drop rides as discussed. (B+ average pace is 21-23 mph, B average pace is 18-21 mph, B- is 17 to 18 mph).

C Pace (recreational)...
is for the cyclist who is more interested in a more recreational ride, with planned rest breaks if necessary and with the option of stopping along the way for breakfast, a quick snack, a water break, etc. NO drop. (C+ average pace is 16 to 17 mpg, C average pace is 15-16 mph and C- average pace is 14-15 mph).

Always discuss your ride intent/ability when joining a group ride.