North Hobe Sound SUN Trail Corridor Study

The Martin County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) board meeting will be held on Monday April 18 at 9 am in the Board Of County Commissioners Chambers at 2401 SE Monterey Rd. The Hobe Sound SUN Trail Study Alternatives will be presented for approval. The study Reviewed the SUN trail connection between Seabranch state park and Jonathan Dickensen state park. Three alternatives were studied (US-1, Dixie Highway (A1A), and Gomez Avenue. For each alternative two separate options were reviewed (shared use path and separate bike and pedestrian paths). The Gomex Avenue alternative option 2 is the option recommended for approval to move forward to the design phase. The proposed alternative places a 2 way separated bike lane (10' wide) on the east side of Gomez with a separate 6' wide pedestrian walkway along the west side of Gomez.

Anyone wishing to speak on the alternatives or support the recommended alternative is welcome to attend the meeting at 9 am on Monday and register to provide input prior to the meeting.

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