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Bob Iannacone

Having trouble fitting in time to cycle with your busy work schedule? Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone.

Is cycle commuting an option for you? We have several club members who currently or formerly cycle commute to work to get some extra miles in during the week. While there are some logistical and safety concerns about commuting, a little planning and effort can overcome most of these concerns!

TCCA member Robert A. Iannacone explains why he cycle commutes to work, and why more people should too:
1. It's fun. I'm on a bike.
2. I get two, 50 minute workouts for only 25 minutes each way. It takes me 25 minutes to car commute to work, so do the math. Cycle commuting is efficient.
3. I have more energy at work on days I cycle commute.
4. Without trying, I lost about 30 pounds in the two and a half years I've been cycle commuting.
5. I've cut my hypertension medication in half, and I'm no longer pre-diabetic.
6. I changed my route to avoid main roads as much as possible. Therefore, my commute is along prettier back roads.
7. Not isolated behind metal and glass, I feel more connected to the community. I can smell the neighborhood smells and hear the neighborhood sounds. Other cyclists and pedestrians often greet me as I pass by. It's nice.
8. I don't hate my commute on bike days.
9. I have time to collect my thoughts, think about current personal issues and connect better with myself.
10. It has benefitted my mental and emotional health.
11. I save money on gas, car fatigue and fewer oil changes while extending the life of my car by being used less.
12. Cycle commuting is green. I'm not polluting the environment.
13. Don't forget the first reason why. It's fun.

So is Cycle Commuting for you?